Summer 2016: Guerlain My Supertips Collection

Summer 2016: Guerlain My Supertips Collection Guerlain is launching its new skin care range named Supertips.

The collection includes 5 tubes with creams and balms are created to meet all your everyday needs and solve various problems with skin and lips.

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Launch Date – May 2016

So, Guerlain My Super Tips Collection features:

  • Guerlain Midnight Secret (15 ml) – It’s bascially sleep in a tube. You simply apply this at night right before you go to bed knowing that you need to be up in a few hours. That’s when magic happens! The blend of 8 active ingredients makes you look like you got 8 hours of sleep! When you wake up, your skin is super hydrated and your complexion is fresh and radiant.
  • Guerlain Stop Spot (15 ml) – This is a highly concentrated powerful anti-inflammatory antiseptic cover up. It’s universal colour helps to conceal any unwanted blemishes on most skin tones. The formula reminds me of an industrial strength concealer but it also calms inflammation,camoflages imperfections and purifies blemishes.
  • Guerlain Super Lips (15 ml) – Attends to dry and damaged lips. This lip hero is incredibly rich and hydrating. The formula is not sticky at all and the scent is a subtle mix of bergamot candy and a little madeleine. The grapeseed extract helps you get back your soft, smooth, plumped lips in one little hot pink tube.
  • Guerlain Creme SOS (15 ml) – This creme does exactly what the title states — SAVE OUR SKIN! Bascially use it any time you need your skin to be rescued. Whether thats from the weather, stress, tiredness, pollution, you name it! It acts to sooth, defned and rebuild the skin. Winter is coming Australia and I know a few dry spots that would love this.
  • Guerlain Radiance in a Flash (15 ml) – Saved my favourite till last, the face lift in a tube. Once applied it delivers smooth, tightened, lifted, radiant skin AKA «The Cinderella Effect». It immediately reveals a healthy smooth complexion! The formula is very lightweight and has a rosy gold pearlescense to it.

Summer 2016: Guerlain My Supertips Collection 1

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