Summer 2016: Clarins Boosters Collection

Summer 2016: Clarins Boosters Collection Clarins is introducing its Boosters collection featuring three turbo charged boosters that can be added to a face cream, mask or foundation.  The boosters contain highly concentrated formulas and extracts to meet three different needs of fatigued, weakened and congested skin.

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Launch date – April 2016

So, Clarins Boosters Collection features:

  • Clarins BOOSTER Energy - for fatigued skin. This concentrated formula is based on stimulating ginseng extract. It tones and energizes skin to minimize the signs of tiredness. Ideal for travelers, night birds, and those with a hectic lifestyle.
  • Clarins BOOSTER Repair – for weakened skin. The formula is powered by mimosa tenuiflora extract, a Mayan plant known for its repairing properties. It reduces redness, soothes skin, and makes it feel more comfortable. This Booster could be your ideal vacation companion, as it resolves sunburns, soothes skin exposed to extreme climates, salty, or chlorinated water.
  • Clarins BOOSTER Detox - for congested skin. The formula is rich in green coffee extract, which is known for its purifying, detoxifying properties. Ideal for those living in urban areas, whose skin is exposed to extreme pollution.

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