Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection Starting from April Essence is coming with a new trend edition featuring eyesgadows, lip glosses, blush and nail polishes with beautiful summer colors. Besides the collection will include several products for hair and body… All the products will be launched in limited edititon.

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Opposites attract! The new Essence Floral Grunge trend edition unites floral, feminine elements with cool grunge accents. Soft and intense colors, fine and rough textures, floral lace designs and edgy studs – playful hippy chic meets casual grunge style! This trend edition offers so many highlights: the stick-on eyeliners with a velvet or stud look and the hair powder for eye-catching color in your hair are absolute must-haves. Smells like spring spirit!

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 1 Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 2 Availability

Launch date – from 1 April until 31 May 2013

So, Essence Floral Grunge Collection for summer 2013 features:

Quattro Eyeshadow – Limited edition – €2.99

Floral vs. Grunge! The four long-lasting colors of the quattro eyeshadows range from metallic to matt and create trendy eye make-up styles. The lighter version stands for floral with white, soft pink, coral and mint while the darker version with beige, lilac, olive and black reflects the grunge look.

  • 01 Eye Like Flowers
  • 02 Eye Like Grunge

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 3 Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 3-1 Blush – Limited edition – €2.49

Turn coral: the silky-matt texture of the blush is easy to apply, spreads evenly and feels wonderfully soft on your cheeks. The blush offers intense results in coral-pink. For a unique spring complexion!

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 4 Mini Lipgloss Set – Limited edition – €2.49

Perfect when you’re on the go, whether you’re heading for an open-air festival or a cool underground club. Depending on your mood, you can choose from three cute mini-lipglosses to find the ideal shade for your trendy spring look. Two different sets with soft or strong colors that are an absolute must for every purse! The soft version contains transparent glitter, soft rose and coral and the more intense version colors your lips in pink, cool lilac and mint.

  • 01 Kissing Me Softly
  • 02 Grungy Kisses Rock!

5 Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 5-1 Stick-On Eyeliner – Limited edition – €1.99

Flower girl or rock chick? Both, of course! All beauties will love the innovative stick-on eyeliners. Select your favorite with a velvet appearance or small studs and stick on your eyelid. The super easy application ensures a perfect eyeline. Totally cool during the day for fans of extroverted styles and a true make-up highlight at every party during the evening. Can be used multiple times.

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 6 Nail Polish – Limited edition – €1.79

Here come the nail polish trends of the spring season: fresh, floral and a little smokey in mint, pastel white, soft coral, purple and black. The effects also guarantee plenty of diversity and extremes: from matt to pearly to the edgy “grip tape look” usually reserved for skateboards! Long-lasting and breathtaking, these popular nail polish give your nails the perfect finishing touch.

  • 01 Be Flowerful
  • 02 Lily Bloom
  • 03 Grunge Me Tender!
  • 04 Madly Purpled
  • 05 Black To The Roots

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 7 Hair Dye Powder – Limited edition – €2.99

Coloration to go… the pressed hair powder creates colorful highlights in bright coral to lure the first ray of sun out from behind the clouds. Simply apply on the desired strand or area of hair and wash-out when you’re done. A unique must-have for all individualists going for a cool look this spring.

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 8 Body Tattoo – Limited edition – €1.99

In the mood for a tattoo but don’t want it to last forever? We’ve got the perfect solution with the stylish body tattoos for your face and body. A guaranteed eye-catcher! The tattoos stick to your skin really well and are easy to remove with our 2-phase make-up remover.

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 9 Hair Band – Limited edition – €2.49

The rock-chick hair band with trendy studs completes your gorgeous “floral grunge” look. Be a floral grunge girl!

Summer 2013: Essence Floral Grunge Collection 10

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