New: Dior Dreamskin

New: Dior Dreamskin  Dior has unveiled its new skincare product as an addition to Capture Totale collection. Dior Dreamskin is supposed to become the world’s first „global age-defying perfect skin creator”, as it provides immediate effect after the first application. The new product is suitable for all skin types and for all ages. Besides it can be applied whenever you need it – mornings and evenings on its own or after your skin care routine.

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Dreamskin acts on two levels, with optical ingredients — including mineral biomimetic powders, such as mica platelets and hollow silica microspheres — and biological properties — like extracts of longoza and opilia. The mineral powders are said to be able to reproduce the epidermis’ optical properties so skin can regain its “perfection.” Longoza and opilia were culled from the Dior Gardens, in Madagascar and Burkina Faso, respectively, which are used for growing flowers chosen for their properties. Longoza extract purportedly targets skin’s stem cells to help fight wrinkles, plus skin’s loss of firmness and dullness, while the extract of opilia durably helps reduce dark spots, redness and dilated pores.


Launch Date – January 2014

So, here it is – Dior Dreamskin

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